SQLBattle, challenge your own SQL knowledge and skills

Welcome to SQLBattle! Here we have a number of challenges where the goal is to make the shortest as possible solution that still matches the goal assigned.
Showoff your skills by submitting your solutions and try to become the highest player on the leaderboard!


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Every week there will be a new challenge online.
With different aspects of SQL knowledge, datasets and solutions.
The challenge, which you can try, is to come up with the shortest answer possible so you get the most points every week.
Every challenge has its own top 3, but don't worry, your scores are also combined into one big leaderboard so you can compare with your friends.

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Created with help by the power of open-source and from its community, SQLBattle is now online and so you can play all the battles.

Special thanks to 1II1, Faab007, Lee_Lenaleee, RagbeccaPlebs, UnderKoen, and MaxMiddendorp for helping out!

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Show your SQL skills! Combine multiple queries into an solution with the smallest possible code.
We have ordered the challenges here in reverse, so the oldest / easiest challenges are first